MARCH 2018 - teo kaykay vuitton

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HOW TO PARTECIPATE - The raffle is reserved for person who have 18+ older and that are followers of the INSTAGRAM PAGE of TeoKayKay.

People must to subscribe here to be extracted.

Guess how many colors Teo KayKay has used to customize the Vuitton Agenda and write it under the picture on the instagram page.

The raffle will be promoted by the INSTAGRAM PAGE and INSTAGRAM STORIES: so you must to follow the INSTAGRAM page.

DURATION - The registration form will be active from March the 5th until March the 31st

After that it will no longer be possible to register for the teokaykayvuitton raffle.

EXTRACTION - The raffle will take place on MARCH 31st CET. The extracted account will be contacted privately in the following days to formalize the winning.

The raffle will be valid only for those who have guessed the number (in numbers and not in words) of colors used to customize the agenda.

The winner will be extracted only between who have guessed the right color numbers.

PAYMENT - No payment needed, the raffle is free and the product is free.

SHIPMENT - No shipping cost needed. We will ship for free the product to the winner except any custom duties and local taxes.